Saturday, 20 October 2012


One word. Bodeans.

This food is the reason obesity is a problem in America. Eating here is the closest I have (shamefully) ever come to being sick through over eating.. but i'd do it again tomorrow.

Bodeans is a BBQ smokehouse with four restaurants dotted around London. Think American portions, American beer, American sports on the TV screens and proper American meat! The place itself has a great feel to it, with bar stool type seating in the top area with sport on the big screens and then proper table seating downstairs.

There were so many meaty options, ranging from pulled pork to clam chowder, steaks, stacked burgers, bbq chicken or brisket! We went for a combo of meats, ordering a half rack of ribs and a portion of burnt ends each, which came served with fries and a massive tub of coleslaw, and also ordered onion rings and bbq beans (which also contained meat.. obviously..).

The food itself was so good, although we had little to compare it to seeing as we are both ex vegetarians! (ha, ha) But seriously, if you're (very) hungry, looking for somewhere to eat in London and bored of all those boring same-same restaurants.. go here!

The prices aren't bad, either!

Enjoy! :) x

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